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Industries Served

At Risk Safety Consultants we provide health and Safety consultancy services, support and training to clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

Different sectors require different approaches to health and safety as they come with various different hazards.

Following the introduction of the health and safety sentencing guidelines, if you are prosecuted by the HSE you could face a large fine even for minor breaches of health and safety legislation.

Engineering and Manufacturing Health and Safety

Engineering and Manufacturing are two sectors which we are able to provide specialist support, advice and consultancy for.

In manufacturing safety is paramount. Moving plant, machinery, vehicles, parts and components can cause damage and injuries if not properly assessed for risks with suitable control measures identified and put into place.

Whether you own a small workshop or a large scale factory, we are able to provide comprehensive health and safety audits and inspections which can identify areas for improvement.

Industrial accidents do happen, so you need to make sure that should one occur you are protected from any liability by ensuring you have suitable management processes and procedures in place.

Previous HSE Prosecutions
Even if no injury is caused, you may still be fined by the HSE for breaches of health and safety law, like this metal castings manufacturer in Kent who were fined over £160,000 after a serious health and safety failings.

It’s also important that your equipment is regularly serviced and the correct safety features are enabled. The HSE prosecuted a precision engineering firm for deliberately disabling a major safety feature on a CNC machine.

Even large companies can get caught out by health and safety failings. Perelli tires were ordered to pay over £200,000 in 2012 after a factory accident resulted in the death of an employee.

We have provided our services for the following types of manufacturing businesses;

Retail Display Manufacturer/Installer
Food Processing Factories
Metal Fabrication Plant
uPVC window manufacturers

We have provided our services for the following types of engineering businesses;
Electrical Engineering manufacturers and suppliers
Electrical Engineering Contractors
Civil Engineering (motorway barriers, street lighting, cable & traffic signs etc.)
Vehicle mounted elevated working platform manufacturer/workshops
Gear manufacturing & gearbox refurbishment Company

Construction Health and Safety

The construction industry is another main area in which we provide our services. We provide both general health and safety consultancy and CDM consultancy services. Due to the physical nature of the work involved on construction sites and the dangers involved, many cases are brought by the HSE each year in relation to the construction industry.

From small residential projects to large commercial projects, safety is of high importance to the construction industry.

Under law, all construction, refurbishment, demolition and building work has to be carried out in compliance with the related HSE guidelines for each task.  

Previous HSE Prosecutions

After a man was injured whilst installing piles to construct a new school building, his employers were fined and ordered to pay thousands in compensation.

Asbestos on building sites is another major risk, especially on older buildings. A Construction firm were fined £50,000 after it exposed its workers to potentially harmful asbestos fibres.

Construction workers can also be exposed to contaminants in their environment, which can pass infections and disease. Weil’s disease is spread by Leptospirosis bacteria in contaminated soil and water. It’s been known to cause serious health problems.

We have worked with teams on small, medium and large scale construction projects. On these projects we have fulfilled the roles of both CDM Co-ordinator and General CDM Safety Consultants.

For more information on the specific services we offer to the construction industry, see our Construction (CDM) page.

Property Health and Safety

Residential properties must meet certain health and safety criteria in order to be habitable.  According to UK law, landlords must adhere to specific guidelines to keep properties free from health hazards.

Residential properties should be free from fire, gas and electrical risks. Violations of any of these criteria could lead to a serious health and safety prosecution. Asbestos is another great risk in property, particularly in old buildings. Many homes and residential properties built before 1999 may contain asbestos containing materials, which can be extremely harmful to inhabitants if not correctly managed.

Previous HSE Prosecutions

After failing to provide proper gas safety checks for several years, a property management company were fined several thousand pounds by the HSE.

A landlady was fined £160,000 following the outbreak of a fire in one of her rented properties. The lives of 10 people were put at severe risk after she failed to adhere to basic fire safety criteria.

A property developer was jailed after failing to protect the public from falling debris from a refurbishment.

We have provided our services for the following types of property businesses;

Resident Management Company (Kingston Hall)
Property Development Company
Property Management (Landlord)
Asbestos Removal Contractors

Retail/Other Industries

As a retail business it’s essential that you keep your premises, employees and customers safe from any health and safety risks.

Though retail may not carry the same risks as other industries such as construction and manufacturing, many retail businesses are still prosecuted each year for breaching health and safety law which can bring large unwanted costs.

From small shops to large outlets, we have the skills and expertise necessary to assess your retail business for risks and compliance with the law.

We have provided health and safety assessments and consulting services for the following;

Hotel Chains
Private Medical Practices
Demolition Contractors
Access Platform Suppliers
Warehousing and Distribution Centres
Furniture Manufacturers
Royal British Legion Club
Residential Nursing Home

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